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Coolant Pump Replacement

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  • [Corsa E] Coolant Pump Replacement

    First post so please be kind.
    I have a 64 Plate (new shape) 2015 1.4 90ps Sting Ecoflex.
    I have a fairly significant water leak which seems to be coming from the water pump (all hoses look ok). I have changed water pumps before but not on this model and itís now out of warranty. I have removed the air filter box and engine mount, but cannot remove the casting from the block (covering the aux belt pulley - hope this makes sense !) From what I can see there are 3 x E14 (ish) bolts that need to be undone to get access to remove the pulley but I cannot figure out how to undo them (the gap is narrower than the socket and thatís without the ratchet on. Any kind suggestions please? Thanks in advance !

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I don't know about that year of corsa. But what I use is a 11mm ring spanner on the older models as access can be tight .hope this helps.