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2010 Corsa D - air con issues

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  • [Corsa D] 2010 Corsa D - air con issues

    So my air conditioning clutch from the compressor has flung off twice now. It luckily hasnít caused damage to the engine and also just screws back on. Why does this happen? I bought a new compressor as it happened on my original one. I had the new one fitted and re-gassed the car today, 5 minutes later the thing has flew off again, please can anyone help. I have a 2010 corsa d, 1.4 sxi petrol
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      Welcome to the Forum.

      The pulley for the air con compressor incorporates an electrically operated magnetic clutch, so there is a bit more to it than a simple pulley.
      I'm a bit surprised that the people who re-gassed your system didn't check that for you when you told them what had happened.
      I'm also at a bit of a loss to know why you would change the condenser on the strength of the first pulley issue - unless of course, the condenser was leaking.
      It may well be that you will need to fit the complete assembly, rather than just the pulley.



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        So the condenser was leaking so we replaced that and at the same time a garage said to buy a second hand compressor and replace that. So we did.
        Then got it re-gassed - once the air con button was switched on the part fell off after 5min of driving- it hasn't broke - and still threads on to the end. It isn't fastened with a bolt or anything either.


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          I'm not 100% sure but I believe that part acts as protection from dirt,etc getting into the compressor clutch mechanism.. So although its important enough for them to include it in the design its not an absolute disaster if it comes off and gets lost. There have been previous posts about them coming off.

          You may be able to prevent the thread coming undone so easily by using Loctite thread locker, or a similar brand. Basically a specialised glue that glues the thread, but it can still be undone if necessary. Halfords sell it for about £7

          There may be other household glues, plumbers pipe jointing compounds ,ptfe tape etc that would do the job if you already have them , but may be less effective with a higher risk of it coming off again and being lost.