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X18XE1. It runs! But...

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  • [Corsa B] X18XE1. It runs! But...

    The X18XE1 is in, and it runs! thanks for all the input previously.

    But I have new issues:
    1. I appear to have no resistance at the brake pedal. Is this due to the way I have plumbed in the T piece for the FPR. Should it have gone the other side if the valve? or taken the vacuum from elsewhere?
    2. The temp gauge shoots straight up to full. I know this is not the case, as it did it from cold. I matched the engine loom blue to blue on the car loom - could it be it a faulty sensor? (Iím sure it was fine when it came out of the zafira)

    cheers all

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    When you say that there is 'no resistance at the brake pedal', I take it that you mean the pedal goes straight to the floor?
    If this IS the case, then it is nothing at all to do with vacuum.
    When there is NO vacuum at the servo, you will find that the pedal has MORE resistance.
    If you have disconnected any of the brake hydraulics, you have probably allowed air into the hydraulic system, which is giving, what is normally referred to as a 'spongy' pedal.
    Suggest that you first check for brake fluid leaks, correct whatever is causing any leak, and then bleed the system.

    With regards to your temperature gauge going straight to 'full' (I assume that you intended to type 'hot') It could be, as you say, a faulty sensor, but it could also be due to the sensor wire being earthed - possibly caused by the wire having become trapped somewhere.



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      hi, thanks.

      perhaps a better description of the brake pedal would be, "quite a bit of travel before anything braking actually happens", more travel than I remember there being before I swapped engines. Perhaps its the way it always was, and just not as responsive as my current daily. None of the hydraulics had been disconnected during the swap.

      Yes, sorry, I did mean 'Hot', and then some. Continuity test suggests the car wiring is fine, and a test meter shows constant 12v out from blue wire at the ECU.
      A bit of research tho has suggested that this ECU output is not suitable for the Corsa temp gauge, and a second sensor is required. The X12XE had two. I just hope that the ECU is getting the correct reading from the CTS.



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        Long pedal stroke - but with a 'firm' pedal once you get down far enough, is indicative of excess piston travel in the brake drums, generally caused by the auto adjusters not - well, auto adjusting.
        Strip and clean them and apply a little silicone grease to the adjusters, keeping copper grease for the other moving parts.
        It is also possible that the slide on the disc brakes has seized. When this happens , all of the braking is done by one pad, whilst the disc itself often flexes (and eventually cracks or breaks) due to flexing.



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