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  • [Corsa C] Hydraulic tappets

    Hi. Sorry if this is going over very old ground but I can't seem to search the forums. Here goes... I've bought a 2004 corsa 12 valve as my son's first car and big surprise it rattles like a mo-fo. Going to replace the chain and tensioner before giving it to him and thought might as well do the tappets while it's apart. Can't find anywhere that definitively states how many I need for this engine. Some listings on eBay say 8, some 12 and some 16. Logic would say 12 but though I would check and get the parts on order before I start the strip next week. Thanks in advance

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum.
    I have never done the job, but surely for a 12 valve 3 cylinder engine it must be 12. I assume you mean the hydraulic lifters and plan to replace them all..
    I have only done what you have done and looked on line.(ebay) I think the problem is they seem to be fairly universal size that fits both 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder GM engines and even some engines from VW audi group.

    Those on E bay seem to be after market. It may simply be a case that the market is flooded with boxed sets of 16,or 8's, but sets of 12 may be more scarce, and therefore comparatively expensive.. I only recall one listing for 12. You may find a competitively priced set of 16 might not cost much more than a set of 12. Assuming you are sure they are the correct type and size , does it matter too much if you have 4 left over? You could list them yourself on ebay, individually or as a set of 4 and possibly recoup more than the difference in price. And if I am totally wrong and you need 16, then no problem, you have them.

    Or when you do the job you may find some of the lifters in perfectly serviceable condition, and decide the life remaining in the engine does not justify changing them.This can happen when some lifters got better and more direct lubrication than others. You then have more to sell.

    After market valve lifters may be ok, but dont be tempted by a cheap timing chain set. The after market ones are notorious for stretching and rattling again very quickly.
    Pay the extra for genuine GM.
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      As Bugman says, whatever you do DO NOT buy cheap timing chain kits - total waste of time.

      Don't be too surprised if it still rattles after you have done the work - these are brilliant little engines BUT, boy do they rattle.

      What these engines do appreciate, is very frequent oil and filter changes, but again, there have been several cases where people have fitted cheap filters, only to find that bits break off and block oil ways.
      If you don't know the service history, I would recommend that you change the oil and filter DO NOT use flushing oil - and then change it again in a couple of thousand miles.