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  • [Corsa D] Lowered life problems

    So my corsa d 1.3 cdti is sitting pretty low on stance + ultra coilovers, but as good as it looks, ive just snapped my second lower engine mount by hitting the floor the obvious answer is to raise the hight a little, but...
    has anyone had the same problems and found a solution? Maybe an aftermarket skid pan/undertray?
    Help would be very much appreciated

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    The answer is - I don't think so. Any tray you add would make you lower to the ground, and unlikely to be thick enough to take a full force hit! My only suggestions would be to drive very carefully or raise the car a bit (I've never understood the permanent low car, airbags I understand, but too low is unusable!). Start a project thread though, I'd love to see the car!
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      Wow, that sounds low. I'd like more ground clearance even on my standard diesel. You must be cringing every time you cross a raised manhole cover etc. Ok if you ground on the front skirt, or something sacrificial that crumples easily , but a solid hit on engine mounts, or the sump etc is bad news. And next time it could be the sump,or engine block.

      Even a very heavy sump guard that might save you from some glancing groundings may struggle to resist a high speed hit on something solid and unyielding,such as a rock in the road,raised manhole cover metalwork,railway crossings etc.

      Remember the law of physics. The force of impact increases by the square of velocity. In other words if you hit something at 20 mph, its 4 times as much kinetic energy as hitting it at 10 mph (not just twice as hard) Increase this to 40 mph and its 16 times as hard a hit. Thats why nice solid 4x4 off road vehicles break so easily if you drive them too fast off road.

      Sorry mate, best bite the bullet and raise the car. Either that or carry a sack of cement so you can clean up the oil spillage from your cracked engine block while you wait for a tow truck.


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        Just an update, I raised the car a little, I think my problem was getting used to what I can and can't get over, the new engine mount (lowest point) hasn't got any scrape marks
        oh, and my Instagram name is kieran.etherington if you wanted to see the car