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2008 corsa 1.0 - Fault codes and rough idle

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  • [Corsa D] 2008 corsa 1.0 - Fault codes and rough idle

    Hi Iíve got two fault codes; P0068 - MAPMAF Throttle Position Correlation and P0172 - System Too Rich (Bank 1).

    The car has a really rough idle, it drops to about 500 rpm and then jumps up to about 1100 rpm constantly. Also when setting off it can be really sluggish and doesnít go anywhere.
    These donít happen all the time and just randomly appear when I start the car or when driving it.

    Iíve tried to find stuff about the MAPMAF but donít know what sensors Iím looking for or where they are under the bonnet.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    cheers Max.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Both of those codes could be current ones, it is also possible that one is 'historic', meaning that it is an old code which has not been cleared.
    I would suggest that, to start with, you clear (delete) those codes, run the car for a day or so and see if the same codes then return.

    The sensor is in the air ducting between the air cleaner and the throttle body (the part where the air goes into the engine)

    Rather than go out and buy a new sensor, it would pay to check the condition of the air cleaner element, and if the car is anything like due for a full service, change the spark plugs and see if there is any improvement.
    If you do have to buy a new sensor, I recommend that you buy only a genuine Vauxhall one, avoiding 'will fit' sensors like the plague.

    These are brilliant little engines BUT they do like to have their oil and filter changed regularly (again, I would recommend only genuine Vauxhall oil filter elements, as I have seen damaged engines caused by cheap filters breaking up and blocking oil ways.)

    It is possible to clean the sensor, but the cleaning COULD make it even worse. However, if it does prove to be faulty, there is nothing to lose by attempting a clean.



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      Cheers for that, I took it into a garage a couple of weeks ago and they cleared the codes so they must be current.

      Iíve serviced the car and changed the spark plugs but itís still faulty.

      For the sensor I will try giving it a clean but if that doesnít work Iíll look for a new one. Do you know what the actual sensor is called so I can look for it or a link to one would be very much appreciated.

      Cheers Max.