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2014 1.4 Engine shudders when starting

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] 2014 1.4 Engine shudders when starting

    My son keeps complaining that when he starts the car the engine shudders
    It doesnt do it from cold, only when the engine is warm/hot
    If it shudders, then you repeatably re-start the car, the fault does not repeat itself
    Its been into 3 garages for a repair, 2 never found any faults the 3rd heard it but had no idea what it was
    Probably not plugs, they were changed on its last service 2 months ago
    Once fired up, car drives Ok

    Any suggestions ?

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    If it is possible to put up a video of this shudder, it might make it easier to diagnose, especially as three garages have failed to sort it.
    At four years old, I wouldn't expect engine mountings to be faulty, but it might just pay to check that the mounting bolts are tight.
    Do you know if any of the garages checked for fault codes? It might pay to check, but with intermittent faults like this, they don't always throw up a fault code.
    You could try buying a can of 'Carb Cleaner' and cleaning the throttle body.
    Just a thought, but could it be due to a dodgy exhaust mounting? although you would expect that to be there all of the time.
    It is also worth checking inside the ducting to the air cleaner and the air cleaner element itself (unless that you are sure it was changed on that service)
    When this shudder takes place, does the tachometer remain steady, or do the engine revs go up/down.?
    I know that you were looking for a definitive answer, but the above suggestions are the best that I can do without actually experiencing the problem. I just hope that some other forum member may have had a similar experience and can throw some light on the solution.


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      According to my son, the shudder lasts only about 5 secs, not enough time to get from the drivers seat out to the front to video
      I have a fault code reader and it always reads zero faults
      I have read the Corsa is prone to MAF sensor faults, consequently we have disconnected that, to see if it has any effect, I appreciate the Engine Management Unit will fall back to a default setting.
      Yes, I have thought of loose mounting brackets such as exhaust and engine, but that would result in this "shudder" when revving up and pulling away etc, which it doesn`t
      Your reply is very much appreciated


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        Your Corsa hasn't got a MAF . The two sensors on your corsa will be ATM air temp meter . Or MAP inlet manifold air pressure.


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          It could be a number of things. I would get someone to run a live data on the car .and see what's happening as it running .


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            Restorer:- you say the Corsa hasn`t got a MAF

            But it has one of these:-


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              My mistake that certainly looks like a Air flow meter. I haven't worked on a 2014 yet .thanks for the update.