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Ringing noise in engine

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Ringing noise in engine

    Hi everyone
    Just joined the site , hav recently bought a 13 plate sxi corsa from a well know car dealer, On getting it home i noticed a ringing noise coming from the engine , Took it back to the dealership the next day who said the would get it fixed , first they changed the water pump, then the alternator tension cable , was eventually told it was definetly the camshaft cover.
    so after 3 weeks I get the car back and the whistling noise is still a there although much quieter , this noise only happens when the engine is warm.
    what is really concerning me is why cant you they diagnos this , its a used car with a forty day warranty, Is this simething serious that there trying to bluff there way out off , anyone hqve a idea what this could be ?

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    It's difficult without hearing the noise. Is it petrol?
    some posters have put a youtube clip on here with the noise they have . I can't see a camshaft cover will make a noise. If it was me I would take the auxiliary belt off and see if the noise disappears.


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      Welcome to the Forum.
      As said above, it is very difficult to come up with an answer without hearing it - is there a chance that you could video it ant repost ?
      You are right to be suspicious of car dealers, well known or not. You could try contacting the previous owner to see if he/she can throw any light on the problem.
      Failing that, and within your forty days warranty, it might pay to have an independent opinion (AA or RAC maybe).