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2001 Corsa starts successfully then dies right away.

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  • [Corsa C] 2001 Corsa starts successfully then dies right away.

    Hello all,

    Having bought a new car, I left my old 2001 Vauxhall Corsa with about 60k miles on the clock parked without being used over the winter. I've been trying to get it to start since April, wanting to MOT the car and sell it.

    -First, the battery was dead. So I went and bought a new battery and replaced it.

    -Car still wouldn't start, and figured it would need new petrol, so I added some (not a full tank, but about a can-full).

    -Both measures helped, but now when I turn the ignition, the car roars into action, sounds great for a second (I mean literally a second, not a moment), and then falters and peters out.

    -In short, the car is unable to keep the engine going once started.

    -My aim is to get the car roadworthy and sell, ideally after MOT.

    Problem is, I don't want to pay for a mobile mechanic or anything like that as I've already put some money into it, and it will eventually reach a point where I'll potentially make a loss if I fork out too much, so hoping it's something I can fix myself, like spark plugs.

    I know it's hard to diagnose without seeing for yourself, but if there's some consensus or sound advice then it will definitely help me make a decision.

    Any advice will be hugely appreciated - thanks in advance.


    PS. Might be worth saying that, before I got my new car, the corsa would lose power for the first couple minutes of driving, especially when trying to go up a hill (right by my driveway). The accelerator would essentially not respond. Would help if i threw the revs up really high and then went back into gear. Fuel filter????

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    Hi welcome to the forum. I know it's frowned upon but what I would do is, buy yourself a tin of easy start remove the end of the air intake at the throttle body, get someone to turn the key and spray the easy start into the throttle body and see if you can keep it going on the easy start and it might kick back into life. If it stops every time you stop spraying, you will know it's got something to do with the fuel .


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      I was going to suggest the same thing!

      I dont think the spark plugs would cause the one second only running problem but if they are in poor condition they might be a factor in the general bad running you had before.

      If you decide to replace the plugs I wouldnt waste money on multi electrode plugs, and especially not very expensive iridium plugs. They may have benefits for a performance engine, or allow very long service intervals,but on a car that age, that you are about to sell, the cheapest bog standard plugs (from a known maker) should be good enough . If it doesnt run well on those plugs, its unlikely it will run any better on fancy plugs and there is probably other reasons.


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        Thanks both.

        I've uploded a sound file of my car starting up and failing, if that helps. Seems to run a bit, then slowly die.

        Corsa Engine by Flyinghorse | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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          Try the easy start . See what happens .


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            Will do. I am crap with cars, so will have to figure out how to get to the air intake and give it a go once I'm home from work.

            Thanks x 2.


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              It's one jubilee clip.plastic Black carigateted tube about 75mm in diameter .follow it to the middle of the engine and take the clip off there . Get someone to turn the key , and you spray in the easy start .
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                Oh I forgot to say . When you spary the easy start , say the words start you ******* lol . Trust me it works.


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                  Haha thanks. Will report back here once I've tried!


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                    Easy Start is brilliant for cleaning small components and even for spraying round the inlet manifold to locate vacuum leaks, but I wouldn't spray it into the engine of my worst enemy, as I have seen too many cylinder heads cracked by using the stuff.
                    By the way, don't breath in the fumes from this stuff, they are anaesthetic!!

                    I think that your own 'guess' of a blocked petrol filter may not be too far off of the mark, particularly if the car has been stood for long periods of cold weather with less than a full tank of petrol - under those conditions, you can have a lot of condensation in the tank.



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                      Did you ever get round to finding out what it was as I have the same problems with my 2001 Corsa many thanks daviD