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Unusual leak on Corsa b

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Unusual leak on Corsa b

    Hi all , new here
    I have a corsa 1.- ltr eng for my lad , the cylinder headgasket went on it , I've had it skimmed and replaced the h/gasket also chain and all other gaskets , I've set timing up and checked everything , all ok .
    When car is running it has a leak at front , below oil pressure switch , is there a somewhere that needs sealed inside behind timing cover gasket going between the head and the block.(this is around where it's coming from but below oil pressure switch)
    If so ,what sealant is best to use on this
    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to the Forum.
    I assume that you mean a coolant leak, rather than an oil leak?
    The timing gasket also serves to seal the coolant (water) pump, so what you are describing, could well be from there, but when these do leak, they normally leak into the sump, so check the dipstick and see if there are any 'beads' of water on it
    If you could post a photograph, it may help us to be more specific.



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      thanks for the reply , appologies I should ve said oil not water
      it was oil and coming from outside on front , under the oil pressure switch quite near the exhaust manifold..

      I managed to get a manual for the car and after reading through the rebuilding process. there is a spot in the head where u need to put sealant . The sealant was to be put where the head meets the block between the timing cover/head and at the front and the rear. ( i hope this makes sense )

      after rebuilding and following the guide ,the car is now running with no leaks .

      Im one happy chappy