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Vauxhall Elegance battery problems

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Vauxhall Elegance battery problems

    I have an old (2001) Elegance which has a continual flat battery of late. I have been told by the garage that I don't use the car enough. They have fitted a more robust battery and I last used it 7 days ago but now its as dead as a door nail! Next to the battery (right) there is a covered part (about 6 x 9 inches) which is emitting a continual clicking sound. Can anyone tell what this part is as I cannot find online. I am still convinced that there is a problem other than lack of use. I have had this car for about eight years and it has been very good. I am house moving so need the car and also reluctant to give up on it. I have a feeling that garages are not keen to work on older cars.

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    That doesn't sound right, with a new battery you should be fine to leave it a week without issue. Can you post a photo of where the clicking noise is coming from? I'd bet that's the real problem if it happens when the car isn't running.


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          Thank you very much. I have contacted a local garage who are visiting. His thoughts are the same as yours. I will post a follow up and again many thanks.


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            That box to the right on the battery, is in fact the Body Control Module (B C M) The actual fuse and relay box is nearer the front of the car, and on the same side.
            The purpose of the B C M, as its name implies, is to deal with all of the body electrics (as opposed to engine/transmission electrics).
            By any chance, have you had any problems with rainwater entering the passenger side foot well? I ask this, as there is a known problem with water leaking into the B C M and flowing through it to the inside of the car.
            If you haven't had any rainwater ingress, I would suggest that,rather than take the top off of the B C M (risking actually causing a water leak) you check around the car for any electrical unit that is failing to work, as the problem could well be OUTSIDE of the B C M.
            You could also try pulling fuses, one at a time until the ticking stops, then find what circuit the fuse that you have drawn is feeding.
            If you do have to remove the top from the B C M, it is a good idea to fit a new top and new screws, making sure that the water seal is fitting well.