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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] ngk iridium plugs

    as above has anyone else tried to source NGK IRIDUIM plugs for the corsa d 2011 1.4 XER engine? seems to be that they are not available for this engine, they are listed for the xel engine which was the 64 kw unit,but none for the uprated 74 kw xer unit.

    Have since found some compatible DENSO K20TT PLUGS that are listed/ suitable for the 74KW XER engine after endless chasing up ones that were coming up as unsuitable for this uprated version of the XELengine. For anyone who is not aware the XER was an upgrade which came in with a VVT adptation, called double cam phasing , along with other mods that gave it the much needed extra 10KW increase to 74KW , long over due improvement to the old 1.4 engine
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