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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Cutting out

    Wonder if anyone can help me. About 3 weeks ago I lost the chip in my car key. And 2 weeks after this my car overheats and cuts out after 20 minutes or about 2 miles. Would it be the imboliser cutting it. I'e changed the fuel filter, spark plugs and coil pack. And still doing this. Thanks

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    Whats the year and cc of the engine?
    I can't see how the car would start without the chip in the key .


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      T reg (99). 1.2 I'll post a video later if i can


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        Like restorer i am confused as to how it can run at all without a chip.. If it were just running normally for a while then cuts out then maybe its an intermittent electrical fault connected to the chip/immobiliser/ECU.

        But you say it overheats. If its running well,albeit it shouldnt be running at all, then it should not overheat. I think the overheating is a separate issue and its this that is causing the car to cut out when it gets too hot. The chip issue is probably a coincidence.

        If it just cuts out , without any physical sign that the car really has overheated, then it could still be some sort of electrical glitch. Best to get an expert opinion on this before going to any major expense. Its not something to guess at and hope for the best.
        But its more likely the car really has overheated, and its risky to drive the car again until rectified. Overheating can damage the engine, warp the head, and cause the headgasket to blow. And sorry to say may already have done so. If you are lucky and no damage has yet been caused, you may not be so lucky next time the car overheats.

        Are you getting a warning light? Are there any fault codes recorded?

        What is the coolant level like in the expansion bottle.. Are you having to top it up? Is there excessive white 'mayonnaise ' around the oil filler cap, or other signs of water mixed with the oil such as 'mayonnaise' on the oil dipstick, or the oil level actually going up. Also the opposite, any signs of oil in the coolant?

        A little bit of emulsified oil 'mayonnaise' around the filler cap is quite common ,especially on a car used for short journeys, and nothing to worry about.
        But if its excessive, and combined with other symptoms such as overheating or coolant loss , its more serious, and could be a blown head gasket.

        Coolant loss without mayonnaise might be leaking from elsewhere such as the water pump, radiator,hoses, expansion bottle etc. This would be easier and cheaper to fix than a blown head gasket.