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  • [Corsa D] Possible cylinder head

    Hi ,
    I purchased a 1.4sxi Corsa D with suspect head gasket issues.
    It's had it done recently but before I bought it !
    Symptoms are it's when up to temp there is water coming out of the over flow !
    Could it be anything else apart from gasket or cracked head ??
    Reason I'm asking as follows ,
    I have both a cylinder leakdown tester which when used by pressurising the cylinders one at a Time I don't get any pressure into expansion bottle and to double check I've also used a block tester kit which uses a dye that changes colour and this is negative !!
    It's had a new water pump also and I've ran it without thermostat and that's the same result.
    Any ideas guys as I just have a suspicion it isn't the head
    Thanks in advance

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    I hope you didn't out bid me on Ebay for the corsa lol.
    have a good look at the expansion bottle. Take it off and look all round it for cracks , and the neck where the thread is . It pulls apart and doesn't make a seal with the cap. It could also be the cap. Some hair line cracks don't appear until the engine has got really hot . Where you can't do a leak down test when it's that hot .


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      Hi thanks for reply
      It's leaking out of the expansion bottle overflow not a crack or out of the cap .


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        Am I being too simplistic by suggesting that the expansion tank is being over filled? - I thought that I might be, as I'll bet that you have already thought of that.
        As you seem pretty sure that there isn't a major problem, do be aware that these engines just don't like having their coolant added at much more than a dribble - If you do add coolant too quickly (at what would be considered normal speed) I will guarantee that you will end up with an air lock in the system. Also, make sure that the heater control is in the 'Hot' position before filling.
        As you don't mention anything about overheating, it probably isn't a blocked radiator core.
        Suggest that you run the engine with the coolant cap removed, if it does blow out coolant, allow the engine to cool and SLOWLY add coolant to bring it back to normal level, you may well have to repeat this several times in order to vent any trapped air in the system.



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          Thanks for yr reply
          No it's not being over filled
          I've had it running with cap off and tbh doesn't matter if cap is on or off it still blows water out of expansion bottle over flow.
          If it all points to head gasket I will just change it tbh .Just looking at all possibilities first before I get busy with the spanners


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            When you have taken the head off, it would pay to inspect the areas of the gasket around the coolant passages very carefully, especially between the actual cylinder edge seal and the coolant openings.
            I would suggest that you have the head skimmed and pressure tested before refitting.
            If you wish to check that the head face is flat and true, you could do this yourself, either with an ENGINEERS straight-edge and feeler blades or better with a surface place and mechanic's blue (engineers blue if you like).
            If you don't have a suitable surface plate, you could buy from your local glass merchant, a piece of PLATE glass (it must be plate glass) a little larger than the cylinder head, they will even polish the edges for you, which makes it safer to handle. Plate glass makes an excellent surface plate (providing that you don't drop it !)
            You can buy mechanics blue from your local engineers merchant - essentially, it is a grease like substance with blue dye added to make it easier to see.
            Apply a VERY VERY thin even coat of the blue onto the surface plate, then push it backwards and forwards over the cylinder head surface, any areas of the head face NOT covered in blue are low areas.
            You will appreciate that, if the blue is applied any thicker than say a coat of polish, then you will get false (and negative) results, so the thinner that it is applied, the more accurate are the results.

            All of the above will only tell you if the head needs skimming, so you could let the person who is going to skim it carry out that task for you.
            If you are not sure where to have the skimming/pressure testing work done, you should be able to find fairly locally someone who carries out engine re-boring and crankshaft grinding, but ask around for recommendations from satisfied customers.



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              Hi thank you for the detailed reply.
              If i take the head off I'll just send it straight off to a machine shoo tbh to have it pressure tested and skimmed
              That was I know it'll be good to put back on .
              It was more could the prob be something else with the symptoms !
              But I think k it's looking towards head as checked all his paperwork he gave and it only lists a new water pump being fitted .
              No mention of headwork