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Engine Coolant Pipe has come loose

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  • Engine Coolant Pipe has come loose

    3 door Vauxhall Corsa SXI 2005 1.2 litre engine.

    Pipe that goes from engine coolant into the left side of the actual engine has come off, and I am unable to screw it back in. This of course caused coolant to go everywhere and a load of smoke.
    Does anybody know a way I can reattach this pipe back on safely? Had to sadly abandon my car a good hour and a half away from my home as I do not have breakdown cover or the money to call out a mechanic..

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    It sounds like the small pipe that go's into the top of the water pump.. the piece is plastic and just snaps off . You can get a brass replacement on ebay . But you've got to get the old piece out . I use a small bar of metal sharpened down to a point and just tap it a round with a hammer. Another option is to fit a new water pump.