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57 reg Corsa 13. CDTi engine problem

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 57 reg Corsa 13. CDTi engine problem

    OK, make a cup of coffee than i will explain.
    My son's '57 reg 1.3cdti 75bhp started misbehaving, wouldn't go faster than 70mph and if you tried the engine management light would flash on then off.
    Checked for fault codes, none stored. Replaced MAP sensor, no joy so off to the garage.
    They said they found a turbo overboost fault which they thought was due to a sticking turbo waste gate so they did a chemical air intake system clean to free it off.
    Now it is hard to start and idles like it's running on 3 cylinders but it will happily rev to 5000rpm without missing a beat, it's just the idle that's cr*p.
    They said it probably needs a new engine, my thought are i probably need a new garage
    Cant find any fault codes using torque app but intake pressure at idle was a -2.2 psi vacuum and revving over 2000 produced hardly any boost.
    Put the old MAP sensor back, now getting around 0psi at idle and boost kicks in around 2K.
    Still hard to start and idles badly but revs OK.
    Tried disconnecting the Mass Air Flow meter, runs just the same without throwing up a fault code, could this be the problem.

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    The MAF sensor should of thrown up a error code when you disconnected it. Check that the Engine management light actually lights up when you turn the ignition on. Otherwise someone has put black tape over the EML under the dial face .