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[Corsa D] Problem with clutch

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  • [Corsa D] Problem with clutch

    Hi All, Last week I purchased a 2007 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 for my girlfriend to start learning to drive in. When I tested the car all seemed fine but I have now noticed problems with the clutch when I use it for journeys longer than around 10 miles.

    The issue is that working area of the clutch pedal gets lower and lower until the point that I am unable to change gear. I.e there is no resistance in pressing the pedal until right at the end. After a few pumps on the pedal I am able to change gear.

    This has made me think that there may be air in the system. What are your opinions on this problem? Anyone else experience the same thing?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Sound like slave cylinder is drawing in air worth attempting to bleed also check for any leaks around clutch master cylinder


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      Any ideas where the bleed nipple is? I have the front end up on ramp's at the moment and will look soon but a rough idea would be good


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        I found the bleed nipple. Ran about 100ml of brake fluid through but didn't see any air come out so think it most likely one of the cylinders.


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          Pray that you find some fluid behind the clutch pedal, and that's the cylinder that's leaking.
          or its going to be gearbox out, and replace clutch and hydraulic thrust bearing.