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Vauxhall Corsa sxi 1.2 2003 wont start! engine electronics light and overheating

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Vauxhall Corsa sxi 1.2 2003 wont start! engine electronics light and overheating

    I was driving down the motorway last week, about 75mph when my Engine Electronics warning came on. I pulled over to see what was going on, i opened the bonnet and saw the coolant reservoir cap had popped off. I hadn't been keeping an eye on the temperature gage so Im not sure if it overheated.

    When I tried to restart the car, it would not start. Since then I've charged the battery but it still won't turn over. Ive had a diagnostics machine plugged in and it gave me a reading of "no Faults"

    I'm pretty confused! I had checked the coolant level a couple of weeks before and it was fine. Prior to the drive where the fault occurred, I had refilled the petrol. I drove about 40 miles so Im sure I didnt accidentally put diesel in there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Is it won't start or won't turn over on the key.
    the engine could off seized due to the engine over heated . Try putting the car in four gear with the hand brake off and see if you can push the car forward.
    A diagnostic check won't tell you if the engine is seized or there is no compression.


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      The reservoir cap incorporates a pressure relief valve, which should do as its name implies when the cooling system pressure goes to high (pressure in the cooling system is generated when the coolant in the sealed system expands due to heating)
      If the head gasket has failed, it is possible that pressure from the cylinder(s) has entered the cooling system and blown of the cap, but as the cap is screwed on, it may be that the cap and/or the reservoir threads are damaged.
      If the engine will not turn, it is quite possible that it has a 'hydraulic lock' meaning that coolant has entered a cylinder and won't allow the piston to move right way to the top.
      You could check for a hydraulic lock by turning the engine BACKWARDS (if there IS coolant in the cylinder, the engine WILL turn backwards)
      One way of turning the engine backwards, is to put it in (say) forth gear, release the hand brake and push the car BACKWARDS.