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Oil possibly mixing with engine coolant & starting problems

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Oil possibly mixing with engine coolant & starting problems

    Hello everyone,

    So i have a 2009 SXI 1.4 Corsa. I only bought it last summer from an elderly woman with only 38k miles on the clock.
    The engine has never sounded/felt great, it seems as if its working a lot harder than it should do. I have occasionally smelt fuel when turning on air con.
    Recently the engine management light has been coming on along with the engine rumbling, however ill turn the car off and on again and the problem disappears.
    I believe the coolant is mixing with the oil due to having to fill up the coolant twice recently and the oil levels being overfull. I've heard that's a head gasket problem?
    Im away to take it to the garage towards the end of the week.


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    Systems of headgasket failure.
    white smoke from the exhaust
    constantly topping up coolant level
    poor idling, down on power.
    who every you get to do the headgasket make sure they skim and pressure test the head before refitting it all back together.


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      Yep,certainly sounds like head gasket.Oil level can rise due to coolant contamination. You may also get white emulsified oil 'mayonnaise' in the oil. (But a small amount of mayo around the filler cap is not in itself anything to worry about -its due to normal atmospheric water vapour when the engine is cold.)

      Which brings me to the point that Low mileage 'little old lady' engines are not all good news. Most engine wear occurs in its first couple of miles until it warms up. So an engine that rarely did more than a couple of miles a day may be in no better condition than a higher mileage one used for longer runs.It could run into problems at a lower mileage. But once repaired its probably still better than one thats done high miles with neglected oil and filter changes,or been thrashed.


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        Those engines tend to sound 'rough' but in fact are very good little engines - they generally have bags of power for a small engine, so don't worry too much about the rattly sound alone.


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          As Bugman said, have you got any coolant in the oil?
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