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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Brake problem

    Hi all, I'm new here, having just bought a Corsa C 1.2 SXI. However, the car has a brake problem. You have to stamp really hard on the pedal to get any braking at all, and even then it's really poor. The front discs need replacing, but are not bad enough to cause the issues I've got. Can anyone tell me if there are any known Corsa brake issues to help me diagnose what's going on? I bought the car for my girlfriend but can't let her drive it until the brakes work :-) Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.
    Could be several things,But if the brakes are equally bad, rather than uneven, it may be the brake servo is not working.. Modern brakes are designed for servo power assistance and are pathetic without it. I cant really say what might have failed. could be a leaky vacuum pipe, stuck valve, all sorts of things. But there are other possible causes,not just the servo. With brakes its probably best to get them checked by a professional. If the car was sold by a dealer you may have some legal rights,even if he vaguely said the brakes need some attention.You could check with trading standards. Even a private seller should not sell a car that is not in roadworthy condition, unless it was clearly stated at the time.


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      Thanks for your reply Bugman. I drove the car and knew about the brake issue before I bought it so no worries there. I thought it may just be the shoddy front discs but on closer inspection they aren't that bad, and all calipers seem to be free. The brakes seem uniformly bad. It's as is there's no servo assistance at all. However, the servo appears to work in that upon starting the engine with the pedal pressed it does go down a little indicating that it's doing something. The servo vacume pipe appears ok. The fluid looks pretty mankey, looks like someone had replaced pads recently and pushed the fluid back up to the master cylinder. May this have affected the seals I wonder? The car has ABS also, so would a fault on the abs unit cause the issue?


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        Ah, just found the problem! Feeling under the servo and it's corroded, with air leaking. Any tips on changing the servo? :-)


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          Sorry ,I have never changed one. Others may be able to help, but its a good idea to buy a Haynes manual.
          Its very common for Corsa C's to leak rainwater into the drivers footwell through sealing around the servo, so make sure everything is sealed up nicely when the job is done.
          I'd also change the brake fluid. Manky brake fluid may have absorbed water that can lead to seized brake cylinders etc.


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            You need to remove the master cylinder from the brake servo in the engine compartment . You can just about force the master cylinder to one side. But I would remove it and bleed the brakes all around with new brake fluid when you've finished.
            the next bit is back breaking because all the work needs to be done down in the drivers footwell. You've got to release the connecting rods for the pedals . And use a long extension bar to get on the four nuts holding the servo to the balkhead.