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2006 Z14XE Automatic/ Cylinder 2 Misfire detected

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2006 Z14XE Automatic/ Cylinder 2 Misfire detected

    Ok, well this has been going on for months now.

    Last year, the engine started running sluggish and cutting out randomly, i placed the code reader on it and it came up with (P0300 Random Misfire), so we took it to a garage, they done a test themselves and it turned out that it was Cylinder 2 misfiring, so they replaced the cassette coil pack because of how common that issue is and they said it should run fine now but it didn't. So we took the car back, done another test and they said it had moved to cylinder 4 so maybe that didn't come up in the last test, so they replaced the injectors on both them cylinders. (Bear in mind, i had already replaced the plugs before hand). It ran fine for a couple of weeks and then the misfire happened again with P0300 code but we couldn't afford to try and get it fixed and didn't drive the car until just a few days ago.

    I thought i'd give it another go at trying to fix this issue myself. First thing i did was took the plugs out and they were a little black and sooty so i gave them a clean but no change and i also took off the throttle body and cleaned that as well, bit more responsive but didn't fix the primary issue, i done a compression test and all came up at 220 Psi, so i decided to change the plugs and threw a whole bottle of injector cleaner in the tank because i thought maybe the injectors could be a little dirty.

    It ran great for almost 2 days until today when i decided to go out for a drive, got so far until the engine light comes on and acceleration felt sluggish like it was hesitating to pick up speed, so i managed to get it home and a ran another code read and it came up with (P0302/ Cylinder 2 Misfire detected). So, what i did is, i done a resistance test on the coil pack with the multimeter and it came up fine, and i also done a spark test by placing a spark plug in the removed coil pack and turned the engine over to check if each coil was producing a spark and that was fine, so i'm guessing that rules out ignition parts.

    Sorry, it's a bit of a read.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    After all what you've check and changed, I'd be looking at the crankshaft and camshaft sensors. those are the only two other items that would throw up a miss fire.


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        No can't see the EGR Valve throwing up a code just for one cylinder, it's usually multi miss fire on all cylinders.


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          Well yesterday, i was told to swap over Spark plug 1 and 2 to see if it followed over and bring up another code but it didn't and was told to unplug to air temp sensor and EGR valve to see if it was them, the reader brought up the codes for them parts and it cut out the engine which i assume is normal, started up again and everything felt normal, i drove about 10 miles before plugging them back in and from that point, i'v had no problems since with misfiring and no codes are popping up but knowing my luck, it's probably to good to be true so i'm going to take it out later to see if anything has changed