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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Heavy steering!

    I got a 58 plate corsa about a month ago from arnold clark. Since then I have had to get an airbag module and a blower motor. This morning when driving my steering became very heavy and I could hardly turn the wheel, but was fine after I turned the ignition back off then on. Does anyone know if this is a big problem? The clutch is also juddering when I go to take off Help

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    Clutch judder is a problem with them. If you've got a warranty take it back. However, even main dealers struggle to sort it out without replacing the clutch, and even then they can still do it.

    Heavy steering, again, report it to them. It may be nothing more than low battery voltage, that can cause the power steering to not operate properly. Get them to check the battery and alternator. If it does it again and it's not the battery then it can be the steering column electrics. Get it replaced under warranty as the parts are expensive.

    It would help to state the model and engine when asking for advice.
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