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1.4 Throttle Body Torx Socket size

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 1.4 Throttle Body Torx Socket size

    I need to remove the Throttle Body for cleaning and i need a female torx socket. Anybody know what size socket i need? As i really don't want to buy a full set.

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    I dont know, but this site gives details of the point to point measurements for E torx external sockets. Note the E number differs from the normal T bit number

    Torx - Wikipedia

    Sockets sold singly are often top professional quality. You may be able to get a budget set that goes up to the required size for not much more than the price of a single. They might be good enough if you only expect occasional use.
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      Yeah i only need a single socket as its only for this job to get the car running fine again. Thanks for the info though


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        For those that come across this thread and want to know the same thing, i found out that the size of the female torx socket size for a fly by wire throttle body on a 2006 Z14XE is E10