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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Issues starting

    Please can someone offer some advice / help 1.3 CDTI
    Corsa D on a 57 plate with no previous problems, drive fine about 3 hours previous since then it will not start again.
    battery is good car crank very lively, Things i have check, primary fuel to high pressure pump see very good,
    undo outlet pipe from HP pump to fuel rail then crank engine and just a small amount of fuel came out of the HP outlet during cranking. (just to mension when every thing is connected back it try to start runs for 3 second very rough and died).
    I have remove and check the pressure regulator on the pump both o ring are good and valve moves freely when voltage applied to it.
    So i was thinking it was the HP pump at fault, so i got a use one on line but still no luck (gutted) it behaving the same as my old one.

    May be this is nothing but i have notice the fuel return to the tank from the HP pump is almost the same flow rate as what going into the pump
    when the ignition is on when priming the pump.
    To have two pumps acting the same is very odd ! could the fuel rail high pressure sensor be playing up ?.
    Try it again today runs once for about 5 sec very very rough then died
    Any ideas would be very helpfull

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    Hi guys just to make it clear

    When cranking the car sometimes it seem on the edge of starting , and it may tick over for about 3 sec

    although very very roughly, if you touch the accelerator very gently it stop right away

    But when i try again on friday gone about 5 second it tick over very very rough struggling then died as if in my opinion fuel starvation or air intake block
    air filter is new by the way



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