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Ride and handling mods 1.3 ecoflex

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Ride and handling mods 1.3 ecoflex


    would you be able to help - I have a 1.3 eco flex corsa as a daily commute. As drive through country lanes on the commute I was wondering if anyone could recommend any mods I can do to help the handling and also make the steering a bit more precise.
    I'm not looking to lower it or add bigger tyres, just want the handling and steering to be more precise - any links to products and how to fit would be excellent.

    Thank You

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    Do you have a budget? There are probably some suspension changes that could be made, but that'd depend on budget and mechanical skills


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        fz0rb4 You could perhaps start with a decent set of tyres, but to be honest a Corsa is never going to have a sporty ride or handling, at least not for any reasonable price.
        Stiffer suspension might help with body roll and make the car feel nicer to drive, but on a country lane with our infamous potholes/craters that may lead to the car being more uncomfortable, and I wouldn't know which suspension sets to suggest.


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          Suspension would go a long way toward making it drive better. It's surprising how much a suspension kit can change the handling.
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            It may be worth checking your existing steering and suspension is a taut as it could be. Things like replacing soggy rubber bushes, or upgrading them with nylon , replacing track rod ends, steering joints etc that might have some play. Shock absorbers a bit tired etc. The kind of checks for play etc normally done for an MOT but to a more critical standard .Some play may pass the mot, but is not ideal.. Problem is its not easy knowing what play etc is normal as a certain amount may be essential or make no difference. . Just getting a professional to check it over would cost quite a lot and even just the parts could soon eat your budget.

            Double check your tyre pressures against another gauge. If they are a too high this can make the car a bit twitchy. If your rear tyres are a different brand, is it any better with those on the front? These days car manufacturers tend to specify high tyre pressures as standard so they can claim the slightly improved fuel consumption and emissions it gives as standard for the car. You may find a lower pressure is also specified as an alternative. The car may handle better with that. Indeed I recall one handbook that gave a huge hint that you will find the ride better at the lower pressure. (In the 'old days' they specified the lower pressure as standard with a higher pressure as an option in some conditions)
            Have you got 'eco' tyres? These use more silicone in the rubber.I dont find them as good for handling and grip.

            When I first drove my D I found the steering very light compared to my Yaris and it was easy to over do things. So in this respect it was a bit imprecise. I dont know if there is a way to change the power steering itself.
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