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Do I need to replace my tires?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Do I need to replace my tires?

    Hi guys,

    Just got my car serviced and got my tyre report. I have attached an image. All of them seem to be on red! I'm a little more concerned about the rear ones.

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    I'm no expert but I think the rears need dealing with, the fronts perhaps have a bit more life left in them (check the pressures though). The rears might need some adjustment of the camber too (would be good to get done same time as some new tyres are fitted) as they should ideally have even wear across the whole tyre instead of mostly the outter


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      1.6mm is the legal limit as far as I'm aware so the rears definitely need replacing.
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        1.6mm over the middle 3/4 of the tyre IIRC, so I guess depends where measured from


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          Thanks for the responses guys. Yeah the 1.6mm legal limit is over the middle 3/4 of the tyre so it hasn't hit the legal limit yet as the rears have 3.0mm and 4.0mm left respectively.

          Anyone know any good wheel alignment places near East London/London? I do not want to take it to Kwik Fit for wheel alignment as I've heard horrid things about them and a lot of places cannot get wheel alignment correct. I am concerned about the uneven tyre wear.


          EDIT: Just noticed in the Vauxhall car manual they recommend replacing tyres when they've hit 2.0mm - 3.0mm. Guess I will be replacing the rears in the next 2 weeks.
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            I called up Go Vauxhall Wimbledon and Wheel Power Alignment in South East London. They both said that they do front wheel alignment only. Why do they not do rear wheels? Is it not possible to do it on a Corsa?

            EDIT: Just called up another garage - Jem Car Servicing Experts. I explained to them the situation, they said the rear wheels cannot be adjusted on a Vauxhall Corsa which is why the previous 2 garages only offered front wheel alignment. I explained to them that my rear tyres are wearing unevenly, he said it may be a suspension issue.

            Is this true? I'm not sure what to do now.
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                Originally posted by Bugman View Post
                Put the best of the remaining 2 on the rear

                I'd say always want your best tyres at the back, regardless of drive train. Poor tyres on the back, an accidental slip and bye bye rear of the cca
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                  Not sure about that, braking and turning is probably where I want my grip the most

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                    Bugman, I have owned the car for about 18 months now, only had 1 previous owner. That's actually a really good theory, I didn't think that the previous owner may have put the front tyres at the back hence the unusual wear. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to contact them (other than to write a letter to their address on the V5C) - I bought the car from a main dealership.

                    Okay so the plan is next week get 2 brand new Michelin Crossclimate+ tyres fitted onto the car by ATS Euromaster ( Generic Error ). I'm still debating if they should be fitted to the front or back as it is a front-wheel drivetrain and winter in the UK is almost over - so I'm tempted to put them at the front and move the front ones to the back. The week after I will take it to Jem Car Servicing Experts to get wheel alignment done (those guys seem like they know their stuff).

                    Thanks for the responses guys.


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                      By the way guys, what is the default tire size for the Corsa D with 16inch alloys? I got the preface-lift model (08 reg). What tire size does it come out the factory? I can't seem to find an answer online.


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                        Personally I think if the tyres date from a previous owner there is a fair chance they were swopped over. But it may depend on how much of the wear will have occurred since you bought the car.
                        Are all the tyres the same make and likely to have been bought at the same time. If so, front tyres generally wear twice as quickly as rears, so having less tread on the rear (discounting the uneven wear ) may be suggestive of them having been swopped. Tyres have their date of manufacturer in a code marked on their tyre wall. Check on line for details.

                        Tyre size is 195/55 R16. I checked on this site 403 Forbidden

                        There is a lot of controversy about whether to put them on the front or rear. I always put the 'lesser' tyres on the back . But out of interest I checked a few sites. Tyre manufacturers, ADAC and OAMTC . Although giving what to me are very good reasons to put them on the front (Shorter stopping distances, less chance of aquaplaning etc) these tend to favour putting better tyres on the back. They seem to believe it improves stability, and 'fluency' on bends and they believe drivers are more likely to recover from a front wheel skid than a rear. Personally I am much more likely to lose grip on the front than lose the rear end on a sweeping bend. AndI I am skeptical of the motives of the tyre manufacturers. They prefer you to wear out the worn ones quickly on the front and buy 2 more.

                        However TCS (The swiss equivilent of the aa) did more thorough tests . I looked at this web site - Should Your Better Pair of Tyres Go to the Front or Back of the Car? ยป who have given an interpretation
                        Here is a pasting of some of it Aquaplaning Braking on a wet surface with ABSDriving in a circle on a wet surfaceSteering behaviour on a wet surface without ESPSteering behaviour on a wet surface with ESP Lane changing on a wet surface without ESPBraking on a dry surface with ABS
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                          I would be looking to replace all 4 to be honest

                          on mot refresher this year there saying new tyres on rear as in event of losing control on a corner it's better to understeer than oversteer as more crumple zones airbags etc upfront


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                            I am NOT a Michelin fan, especially if the other two tyres are not Mich.
                            I always use Avon, finding from experience that they wear well AND give good road holding (It goes around corners as if it were on rails!) - I find that Michelin last for ages, BUT at the expense of grip.

                            By the way, a very basic way to check if the tracking is out of adjustment, is to run your hand across the tread - it SHOULD feel the same in both directions (outside towards inside and inside towards outside.
                            If the tracking is 'out', it will be rather like stroking a dog - if you stroke him head to tail, his hair will lay down and it will feel smooth, if you stroke him tail to head, his hair will stand up - If the tracking is out of adjustment, it too will feel like that (smooth in one direction - rough in the other.)


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                              Bugman, thanks for the detailed post, appreciate it. I think I have finally decided that I will put them on the rears as winter is pretty much over. I then will replace the front 2 tires at the beginning of next winter (provided that I have enough/a decent amount of front tread to last until then).

                              walksall, I checked out Avon tyres. They seem loads cheaper than Michelin. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I would assume the more expensive a tyre is the more better it is? Currently all 4 installed are Goodyear tyres. Avon don't seem to have all season tyres. Its either summer or winter.

                              I don't mind paying a premium for better tyres. So if anyone can recommend anything better than the Michelin CrossClimate+ that I can use for both winter and summer then I would appreciate it.

                              The Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance seem also good: Generic Error

                              But if they are summer tyres, how can the wet grip be 'A'?
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