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f15 release bearing question- how to correctly fit?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] f15 release bearing question- how to correctly fit?

    as above believe it or not the release bearing is rattling when I depress the clutch(after 5 mins of driving it shuts up but that's not the point ) I have installed it incorrectly my fault I will hold my hands up. now can anyone give me a few pointers on how to correctly install my release bearing so it does not rattle - I didn't remove the fork when I installed it which I think is why it is doing this?

    ive read the haynes but seems a bit bleak just want the help/guidance of you guys as well, apart from that there was no issues with the conversion, only now I have to take it all out again to put a new bearing in correctly lesson learnt, can anyone help me out

    thanks guys

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    It might help to say what 'conversion' you are referring to. If the fork and pivot aren't the originals then wear in the pivot can cause this - ie it might not be the release bearing itself. But if they are the original fork/pivot assembly then it's more likely the bearing isn't located right. In which case remove the fork and show us a photo of the bearing in the fork.
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      Hi Taurus, its a c16se engine and matching f15 box been converted in a 1.2 8v corsa b. thanks for your input there, well the engine and box have to come out either way I fear the release bearing hasn't been put in correctly, I do remember there being a fair bit of movement on the plastic collar where it is attatched to the fork I thin its called? I will grab a picture of it all hopefully tomorrow or very latest Monday and if you don't mind telling me how to install the bearing properly. hopefully the new bearing should solve the issue ?! but its a lot of work for my mistake..doh!