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Which coolant can I use?

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  • [All Models] Which coolant can I use?

    Hi there

    Just a quick question about coolant, as I'm a bit confused. I have a VAUXHALL CORSA CLUB 16V 1199cc PETROL, 5 Door HATCHBACK (Y reg), and I'm not sure if I need IAT based coolant or OAT based?


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    You can actually use either - the key thing is not to mix them together. So stick with what was originally fitted.

    IAT is usually blue and can be used on all cars. The snag is that it needs to be replaced every two years.

    OAT is usually red and can't be used on older cars (usually pre-1990s). It lasts up to five years.

    Yours will originally have been filled with the red OAT stuff, so I'd use that.
    1972 Viva restoration thread -


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      Hi Taurus,

      Thanks for your reply.

      The problem was I was always told to just put water in until I found out recently that all this time I should have been using coolant, and so I never knew which one my car was meant to have. And because my car is only just outside the 90's I was worried the red OAT stuff would damage the car, so thanks for putting my mind at rest, I thought I'd made a big mistake seeing as thats the one I have been using.

      So just to check, the red OAT one is safe for my car?




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        Both are fine,
        Red is recommended more.