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    No problem, we'll ignore that "no" in your post there lol.

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      right an update

      ive got a opcom reader connected it to the car and it gives the error this is the save report:
      OP-COM 100219a - PC based diagnostic tool

      OP-COM - KW2000 Communication Window> 1999 (X)|Corsa-B|Engine|X 12 XE

      Keyword #1: EF
      Keyword #2: 8F

      Normal timing parameter set.

      VIN: W0L0SBF08X4135788
      systemSupplierECUHardwareNumber: 0261204475
      vehicleManufacturerECUHardwareNumber 90532610 RZ
      VehicleManufacturerSpecific: 0261204475
      systemSupplierECUSoftwareNumber: 1279H01481
      systemSupplierECUSoftwareVersionNumber: 1B82
      exhaustRegulationOrTypeApprovalNumber: B98001

      Identifier: 0690

      systemNameOrEngineType: X12XE
      systemSupplierECUHardwareVersionNumber: 01
      RepairShopCodeOrTesterSerialNumber: Not programmed
      ProgrammingDate: 19981027
      CalibrationDate: 270802

      Total number of fault codes: 1

      P0335 - No Engine RPM Signal
      (00) - Present

      which i know the error is my crank sensor which im replacing now i dont know if any of the other info help but posted it any way, plus i used the output part of the program to active the fuel relay and it achived fine and powered the fuel pump it i clicked stop.

      i will let you know if it starts once ive changed to crank sensor because the old one the end had broken off it.


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        That was one of the possibilities I listed above. You get P0335 anyway because the engine isn't turning - ie no rpm signal present. But if the fuel pump can be activated by Opcom then it shows the system itself is OK. Since your crankshaft sensor appears to be damaged it's pretty certain it'll be fine once you've replaced it. It is a very common problem on these engines.

        Opcom is a very useful bit of kit to have for sorting out issues like this. Being able to trigger the fuel pump relay independently is an ideal way to check the crankshaft sensor problem.
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          thank you for all your help, to right that the opcom is a great bit of kit. ive just finished changing the crank sensor and the car runs fine with no errors.