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Windscreen washer problem.. Please help

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  • [All Models] Windscreen washer problem.. Please help

    I have an 08 corsa
    I have an MOT monday and to my knowledge this can fail the MOT.

    I am having just dribbles Coming out of the windscreen washers, i can here the motor making normal noise, have tried putting a needle down all the holes but still getting just dribbles. Can i fix this myself? And suggestions?

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    Take the pipe off the jets and pull the stalk to see if water comes out, should be a fairly big flow of water, this will just tell you where it's blocked the pipes or jets


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      How do you do this? Sorry but im really lame when i comes to things with cars, sorry :-/


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        I believe firstly the bottle is hidden behind bumper and scuttle panel along with bits of trim will also have to be removed to get access there.

        If your mechanically minded it's worth fixing if not dealers would be best as you will have to replace plastic clips and fasteners. If you find you have to remove bumper you will need another pair of hands other wise you could damage it when removing.


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          Sometimes if the washer bottle is filled up with water instead of washer fluid (or if its just plain old fluid that goes manky) then you can get bits of algae or conjealed deposits in the bottle that get sucked up by the pump. Sometimes they make it through the pump and clog wither the nozzles or the pipe running to them, but sometimes they just build up on the pickup point of the pump, you might have to take the bottle off the car, take the pump off the bottle and clean it out, or replace it of course...

          Try taking bot ends of the pipes off, and blowing through it, that will tell you if there is a blockage in the pipes.. Failing that, take the pipe off the pump, then press the button/pull the stalk to spray the washers and see if water easily comes out of the pump, if it just trickles out or doesnt have much force behind it then that'll tell you if its a problem with the pump.

          And also, just to confirm, that will definitely fail you on the MOT

          Originally posted by MOT Testers Handbook
          Section 3.3 - Reasons for Failure - The windscreen washers do not provide enough liquid to clear the windscreen in conjunction with the wiper(s)
          Good luck, Dave.
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            HOW TO fix the washer jets (clean the filter out)

            Vxr but same rules apply.


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              Cheers guys