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Electric window won't go up

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  • Electric window won't go up

    Basically this is how it happened. I had the arms replaced about 8 months ago been working great since then. Went out to the car this morning and it seems to have lowered itself the whole down on its own. Switch doesn't work and I can't even force it up. Is there a way to manually turn the motor so I can get the window up. It hasn't fallen off the track or anything like that. Nothing is broken on it at all. And it wasn't broken into as my radio and gps everything still in the car.

    Don't know if this is related but my battery light also turned on and all my gauges stopped working except for the speed. Alternator was replaced 6month ago. Could really use some insight on getting the window up and why my battery light would turn on.

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    From the sounds of it, there seems to be an electrical fault. Possibly a bad earth or a short. I am not entirely sure about corsa's but on other electrical window mechanisms there is no way to manually operate the motor. Quickest way is to run a 12v+ and - from the battery to the window motor to get window closed. Then check the earths. Also check the battery voltage. Depending on your skillset, a multimeter or auto electrician would be required here.

    Hope that helps,


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      As above - sounds like there's an electrical issue. I'm guessing it's starting and driving if you know the speedo is OK. In which case check the voltage at the battery with the engine running. You ought to be getting about 14.5v. I'd suspect there's been a short and it's stuffed the alternator pack - but that's a bit of guesswork.

      Check your fuses obviously.
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        Problem has been solves. It turns out it was a fuse but not the window fuse. It was the second to the left bottom row of fuses. Not sure what it's for as the picture on the guide wasn't exactly helpful. Figured it out when I went to roll the passenger window down and it wasn't working either. I am assume that the fuse that went was in control of a few systems on the wiring of the whole car. But rpm is back as well as gas and windows work fine now. Odd thing to happen.


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          I may be wrong, but I think that is the fuse for the internal light, MFD lights and Speedo ect.
          Now, if I remember rightly, that fuse also connects to the window switches (not the motor).
          If there is no power going to one of the wires on the switches (black wire IIRC), then the windows wont work, and I think the light on the switches goes off too.


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            All of which makes sense (well obviously not the speedo if that was the one thing working on the dash) except why the charging light was lit?

            Bah - I hate electrics. Nasty stuff. It ought to stay up in the clouds where it belongs.
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              its still weirding me out some. Its fixed and all got the window back up using the switch like normal, seemed to be working fine. Now window won't roll down. passenger window works and no issues with the gauge cluster at all. I'm thinking maybe its a motor issue that caused the fuse to blow(it had a 10amp and all i had was a 15amp so i replaced with that). Guessing that the reason the fuse hasn't blown is becuase its a higher rated.

              Honestly i don't care if it doesn't roll down as I don't see many days in ireland where i'd be driving with the windows down. It would be nice to get this sorted though.


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                Is the light illuminated on all window switches?


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                  yep, its lit up and has a nice loud click to it when pressed so I don't think its the switch