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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Towbar

    What is the best towbar for a Corsa B?

    Can ones be bought that swan neck under the rear bottom spoiler?

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    I maybe wrong but I thought they had to be fitted only by a licensed / qualified person now but yes you should be able to have a rear bottom spoiler type.

    Old man had three choices when he had his fitted obviously the price reflects the type:

    He had unrestricted number plate type

    But there was hook type, and removable ball type.

    Hope this makes sense.
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      Anyone can fit a towbar, the later regulations say that all towbars must comply to the original vehicle manufacturer's specification. Before that you could literally just weld anything together so long as it bolted on somewhere. Older Corsa Bs were built before this affects them, but anything you buy will meet the new regs, and it's much easier to fit a towbar made to match the car's original mounting points.

      I'd go for a Witter, and get the electrics kit with it. Not sure if they do a swan neck for the B though. Fitting is simple, you need to remove the rear bumper and may need to cut a small section out of the middle where it won't show anyway as it's right underneath. The mounting points are shown by dimples in the floorpan and bodywork. Drill them out and the towbar will line up fine.

      The electrics I wire into the n/s light cluster so nothing shows.

      The only snag is that there is a bar runs across the back of the boot so the carpet won't sit flat unless you trim it a bit.
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        If anyone is interested for the sake of learning - here is what a Bosal towbar looks like when fitted.

        Note the neat round hole - as opposed to cutting the bumper from the bottom up as I have seen multiple times.

        Not sure if a swan neck by any manufacturer is available for the B

        Link as the file is too large to upload:

        Maybe one like the following necessitates only cutting a part of the bumper underneath, where it will not be seen - as Taurus suggests (but the description says 'visible bumper cut)
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