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Help needed removing headunit

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  • [Non Corsa] Help needed removing headunit

    I need to remove a double DIN 6000CD headunit from a 2006 Ford Fiesta.
    Been looking on Halfords for the correct removal tool but unable to spot them.

    Anyone know the correct item in Halfords or EuroCarParts as I need the headunit removed by tomorrow.
    If it comes to it, I'll have to try using 4 butter knifes to get the bugger out lol

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    Don't you need specific keys for your car type ?

    Tbh I used a coat hanger but people usually advise eBay. Searched for that headunit or car in eBay and keys. or me but if you can't wait few days ?

    Sorry can't help much.
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      Is it a black one with rounded corners, or has it got sharper edges? There are two different 6000cd units that were being used at that time. If it's the latter, you need these. You'll need to get two pairs.

      The earlier versions use these ones.
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