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Fitting corsa b gsi side skirts

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Fitting corsa b gsi side skirts

    Hello i am looking to fit my corsa b gsi side skirts what is the best way to fit them to the car ?

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    Unless you have original clips to mount. User tigerseal


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      I got a bag full of the clips that came with the side skirts dont know if they are the right ones tho


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        If you get the original clips, you can clip them to the side skirt, then put the glue onto the back of the clips, then put in place and tape it until it sets.
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          i dont like the idea of 'gluing' the clips or especially the side skirts, mine ripped off when i went through a high puddle

          would be better to screw or rivet the clips onto the bodyword

          (by the way, i have a load of original fitting screws and a brand new clip here for sale)


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            Bonding will be much stronger then rivets at each end

            Exciting the clips would just attach clips to
            Bodywork stronger, would t stop skirt comingr of the clips