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Component Mids, Tweeters, Subwoofer and AMP Advice

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Component Mids, Tweeters, Subwoofer and AMP Advice

    I am currently trying to get an audio configuration for my 2002 Corsa C together but am struggling to get all of the information I require.

    I will list what I have decided to use for my new configuration up to now and was wondering if I could have your opinions on this setup.

    Component Front Speakers

    Product: Rockford Fosgate FNX-2614
    RMS: 70 Watt
    Peak: 140 Watt
    Size: 6.5"
    Mounting Depth: 2.8125 (I think this is the depth, if so will this fit?)
    Impedence: 4ohms
    Frequency Response: 35-20K Hz

    Component Tweeters

    Product: Rockford Fosgate FNX-2614 Tweeters
    Mounting Depth: .625"


    Product: Rockford Fosgate FNX-2614 Crossovers


    Product: Pioneer FH-7000BT
    Size: Double DIN
    AMP: 4 x 50W
    Pre-outs: 2 RCA

    I have yet to decide what AMP is best to use for this system and what wattage the AMP should be, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I will need adapters to put in the 17cm speakers in the front of the car, I hear that MDF ones are the best but harder to get, I have also read about sound deadening but am unsure whether or not to do this.

    I also want a subwoofer, from what I have read the best setup for a Corsa C is to have front mid's, tweeters and sub. Can I still connect the standard rear speakers with the headunit I have chosen?

    Also will I need two AMP's? One for the speakers and one for the subwoofer.


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    I can't help you but I really like your choice in speakers

    Are you planning to keep audio as much RF as possible?