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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] aluminium bar

    Hi guy's

    got myself a corsa d sri, how with all the snow we had i noticed some yellow spots under the front of the car, since looking under the bonnet i notice an aluminium bar below the radiator which looked bent, i then look at a guys in work and yep my one is bent, anyone know which part it could be

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    Can you upload a picture of it?
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      Welcome to the forum.
      Is it an actual flat bar, or could it be an alloy pipe for the air conditioning or cooling system? Air con would leak as gas, not yellow drips. Does it have aircon and does it still work? (Its a good idea to run it occasionally even in winter. It also helps demisting) Engine coolant should be red, but might show as yellow, especially if its been topped up with blue antifreeze. How is the coolant level? If its low you may have a coolant leak of course,which needs fixing asap but you also need to beware in case the previous owner has been topping it up with water.The coolant may now be too weak to resist freezing .
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        sometimes aircon has a yellow coloured leak detector in it ,usually after it has had some attention, to see if further leaks are present.


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          cheers for the reply guys.

          the air-con in working fine and the cool levels are also fine, i just need a dry day to check it out further.

          i'll upload a pic of the bar tomoz. its not anything to do with the coolant or aircon, as its bolted on


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            ok this is a photo of the bar that is bent, marked with an arrow.

            photo is taken from the front of car looking down into the engine bay
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              Hi i cant be sure. I dont know the petrol engines well enough . (I have a diesel D and its 1500 miles from me at present) Looks like a protective bar for the radiator or aircon condenser. Appears to have been bent down towards the road, and towards the rear of the car. If so its probably not because the bar was used as a jacking point . But I would think the bar is quite delicate. Could be a number of causes. If the radiator/condenser has been removed by lifting out it may have caught. Possibly also if something like an exhaust system etc was removed by dropping it down from underneath, it might have caught the bar bending it down. . Or possibly a slight front end shunt requiring replacement of the radiators. (But probably not serious) Your main concern would be if the trauma that caused it to bend also caused it to damage or strike something else.For instance if its attached directly to a radiator it may have caused tearing or cracking to its thin wall that is now leaking . But if its just the bar thats bent, and its firmly attached to something solid and not causing any clearance problems it may be nothing to worry about.