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  • [Corsa D] Space saver and Jack

    Hi,I'm trying to source a spacesaver and jack for my sisters 2011 Corsa D and need some help with part numbers. The car has 17" 4 stud wheels and only came with a can of tyre foam.Looking on ebay there are lots of 5 stud wheels and quite a few 4 stud wheels. Many 4 stud wheels are listed for different Vauxhalls - Astra, Adam etc so not sure if they'll fit. The Corsa specific wheels/jack seem to be around 100 second hand, but Astra ones I've seen as low as 35! So my questions are:-1) Is the T115/70 16" tyre the correct size space saver to go with 17" wheels?2) What is the rim part number for a 4 stud 16" space saver for the Corsa D?3) What type of jack would have been supplied with the car when a spare was specified? There seem to be two types - scissor and one that's v shape (like half a scissor jack)Any input greatly appreciated.RegardsIan

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    I dont know what size space saver would fit. But a space saver may not be your best or only option.

    Unless a 2011 D is radically different to a 2010 D the spare wheel well can easily take a full size steel spare (but maybe not a 17" alloy which could be wider) .So space savers (or just foam)were supplied to save GM money, not space.

    They are subject to a maximum speed when fitted. They are so obviously different to the original only idiots would exceed that limit.
    If GM supplied steel wheels that were of a similar size, but not quite the same, people would exceed the limit, crash and then sue GM. Even though a more or less full sized spare would be safer than a spindly space safer,if used properly.

    Wheels for a particular car normally have more or less the same rolling diameter. Otherwise gearing would be affected. The difference in wheel size is compensated by having lower or higher side wall profiles.

    2011 Corsa wheel and tyre size combinations are - 185/70 14" 185/65 15" 195/55 16" 215/45 17" . Some are wider than others but their rolling diameter are all about the same. Obviously for normal use you would have all 4 the same, but as an emergency only spare,I'd say all would be better than a space saver.
    (this does not mean 16 inch space saver should be 55, not 70 -its complex)

    4 stud vauxhall wheels must be 4x100 (4 holes spaced at 100mm) with a centre bore (the big hole in the middle) of 56.6mm .

    Corsa D's have an offset of about 39mm, which means how far they stick out. Later Astra wheels are similar, but if earlier than about 2005 may be 49 mm.They would fit on the rear, no problem, but they sit 10mm deeper into the wheel arch which just might foul the brake callipers etc. Probably not, but I cant guarantee they wont. of course in an emergency you could fit the spare on the back and put the rear onto the front. Extra work, but I wouldnt drive with a space saver on the front anyway.

    Original jack is a half scissor type. Tools fit in a polystyrene tray inside the hatch on the right side of the boot. Vauxhall ones will fit the official jacking point. With any others you may need knowledge to chose a strong and safe jacking point.You might be able to get a complete tray of tools at a breakers.

    If your 17" alloys have flat faced wheel bolts you may need a set of tapered ones for the space saver ,or other spare.About 5 for 4 on ebay.

    Is the 35 for a spacesaver, or a full sized astra wheel with decent usable fitted tyre? If its just a rim you might do better to buy a new corsa wheel and fitted tyre from one of the on line tyre sellers. They are not GM original but a decent after market brand. Rim only costs about 40 I think.

    Is thinking radically is out of the question? 4 steel rims with winter tyres, to save the alloys during winter, using one as the spare.Could also be kept and used on her next car or sold. You sometimes see 4 used rims offered for not much more than 1.
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      I've just done some research on Tire Size Comparison

      A T115/70 R space saver would be 10% smaller rolling diameter and almost half the tread width of a 215/45 R17 . Maybe it is the correct size for a temporary space saver, but eek, thats awful.

      The tyre sizes I quoted are all less than 1% difference. Wheels with fitted tyres off a late model astra would probably be 195/65 R15 or 205/55 R16

      Thats about a couple of percent larger rolling diameter than a corsa so astras must be geared differently. Probably too much if you are fitting 4 wheels, but should be ok as a temporary spare.
      Opel Astra 2008 - Wheel & Tire Sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims specs -