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problems with rust around fuel filler cap

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  • [All Models] problems with rust around fuel filler cap

    hi im new here and dont know if im posting in the right area, if not please move,

    at the moment i own a Xreg corssa (2000) and having a little problem with rust behind the fuel door around the filler cap, i was wondering if anyone has had this probelm before or if anyone has any ideas on how to fix, the rubber grommet that goes around the fuel pipe is not the problem its acutaly the housing the grommet sits on thats rusted, ill try and add pics if i can, but any help would be much appreciated

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    I cant be sure without looking at the picture ,and maybe not even then, but I doubt its regarded as structural and so it probably wont need welding. This is good news as you would probably need to remove the whole fuel tank to weld in this area because of the risk of explosion.

    But it does need fixing. Any perforation could allow fuel spilled during refueling, fumes etc to leak into the car .If it allows the neck to move too much this could cause sharp edges to rub, either causing perforations, or worse still, sparks. And such problems in areas involving fuel could be an mot fail.

    Be very careful about removing any rust, or trying to chisel or cut,or grind it out. Use of power tools, steel wire brushes etc could cause sparks. A brass brush and sandpaper will probably be ok. Then paint rust with specialist rust proofing paint such as kurust inside and out if you can reach.

    If there are holes you may be able to repair these using a repair kit. These either use glass fibre, or car body filler with perforated mesh reinforcement .

    You need to aim for a sound workman like finish.And spray it body colour .An obvious bodge might not satisfy the mot tester. You might be able to save time trying to get a perfect finish to your filler repairs ,or any patching by using a flexible mastic made for sealing joints on car body panels. I'm not sure if Halfords sell it but you can probably get it on line or from auto paint suppliers.Smear it over joins, corners etc.Used with discretion it looks the part ,is petrol proof, and can be over painted. Dont use silicone bathroom sealants etc.

    Unless of course the housing is actually a removable fitting, in which case you might find a used one.
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