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Black headlight for OPC

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  • [Corsa D] Black headlight for OPC

    Hi folks. This is my first post on this forum
    Looks like a good place to get inspired and help

    Planing to buy a blue OPC/VXR soon, but i dont like all the chrome thing on the car.
    So I wonder if there is a place who I can buy black headlights for my car? Not angle eyes etc, but OEM black headlights.

    Thanks for helping .

    Im from Norway btw, so sorry if I spell the words wrong. hehe.

    Tonny B.

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    Its for a 2007 (forgot to say that )


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      Is this the sort of thing you're after? I'm struggling to picture exactly what you want

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        Hi. Excellent english btw. Only one spelling mistake. It should be 'planning'. Planing has a different meaning.


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          Thanks for helping guys
          Its hard to explain, but im after a set of original headlight's, only with black "background" not chrome like they are from the factory. I have seen some spray the deflectors on other cars, but i wonder if I can buy a set from a store who are finish in black All the set's ive seen are with led's etc , not oem .


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            Found a set on another forum.
            Im after this look on the lights
            (hope it ok if i link to another forum to show you what im after?)
            Some store where i can buy this?
            New Black headlights fitted


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                Just open yours and spray them!
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                  Nah, If that is the option, I will buy a set and try. Have not tried it before. Are they glued like many other head lights?


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                    From the link you gave the person said it was a difficult job separating them, with a high risk of breaking them. It looks like he just sprayed the chrome black. The results didnt look nearly as good as the ones in your picture which appear to be tinted. If it were me I would first try and find some broken headlights, that can be from any car as long as it has chromed plastic, and practice spraying on chrome to get the desired effect. I would only buy a spare set of headlights and attempt to separate them if I was happy I could do a good job of spraying them.