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Removing stripped rear seat belt buckle TORX bolts

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Removing stripped rear seat belt buckle TORX bolts

    I am in the process of changing the rear seats of my Wife's 2001 Corsa-C SXI.
    The problem is the TORX bolts (50mm?) that hold the seat belt buckles have stripped after only being slightly loosened........
    They are impossibly tight..........
    I guess because the end threads of the bolt are corroded where they protrude through the captive nut welded to outside of the car body.
    First one then the other one have both stripped.
    I could just saw the bolt heads off but then I still have to get the threaded bit out before I could use new bolts.
    What is the best way to remove them whole?
    Has anyone used a Irwin Bolt Grip Nut Remover Set?

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    Welcome to the forum

    Difficult to say what is best without seeing them. First thing is to use plenty of penetrating oil on the threads, and give it a couple of days. Use a specialised penetrating oil such as plus gas, not just wd 40, which is a jack of all trades, master of none.Some get good results with penetrating oil followed by wd40 to disperse it better.

    You could try cutting a slot right across the head and using an ordinary flat screwdriver . The slot would have to be accurately cut and close fit to the screw driver,and exactly central. It would probably need to be a large screwdriver, or better still an impact driver.

    If enough thread protrudes through you might be able to cut the head off, then screw the remaining bolt out backwards,from behind by using powerful grips on the thread. Cutting the head off can relieve the tension on the thread making it easier to undo, although if you have already partially undone the bolt there wont be much difference. You will be unscrewing thread that was always well protected, not a section of manky rusted thread.

    If there is enough of the bolt head showing you may be able to use self tightening grips, such a stillsons gripping the edges of the bolt, much like a spanner would.

    Ultimately you might have to drill the bolts out. The mangled torx head might help here in centralising the drill bit. Ideally you want a drill that closely matches the inner most thread measurement, but less than the outermost thread measurement which would remove most of the bolt, but leave the thread intact and fairly easy to extract . ie the tapping size .Or the appropriate size hole for a broken stud extractor.

    Drilling may seem a drastic step but bear in mind that if the thread is really tight the bolt might shear off anyway and need drilling.
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