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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Window Tints

    Has anyone bought and fitted these windows tints from eBay? If so what are they like?

    Pre-Cut Window Tint - VAUXHALL CORSA C (00-06) 3DR - Dark Smoke 25% | eBay

    Also, if I was to buy and apply them would you alert your insurance company? I would only ever tint rear and rear side windows.

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    You should notify all modifications, including tinted windows. Some insurers charge an extra premium for this, others do not.You could try contacting them as a hypothetical query, . If it will be free notify it as a modification. If they want to charge try threatening to leave for another insurer or make it clear you wont be doing the mod. But having made the enquiry be aware it may be recorded on a database visible to all insurance companies. So dont say you are not doing the mod then do it anyway.Even if you have changed companies. If they find out you did it they will know you lied to obtain cheaper insurance. They wont pay out and you may be blacklisted by the whole industry. Dont assume they will not find out. You may be in hospital unable to 'tamper' with the car before it goes to the insurance assessor.

    The alternative of not contacting them at all, hoping they will never find out, and if they do will consider it a reasonable ommission and pay out large sums of cash, assumes they are sympathetic and benevolent. They might be if you notify them beforehand, but they rarely are once a claim is due.
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      A quick call to your insurer before purchasing would clarify what they think of it. Generally I found they didn't mind what I did to my car so long as I understood they wouldn't replace them in an accident which meant I didn't have to pay any extra for the mods.
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