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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Front Seats


    I am looking for replacement Front Seats for my W Reg Corsa B, for some reason they are proving difficult to find.

    Does anyone have any or know where I can find some.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. I cant help specifically (even though I am from kent)

    Fairly old standard seats (no offence) ) are not something car breakers would normally bother to remove or advertise for sale. But many on line breakers have a parts request enquiry system, or you could try one that specialises in vauxhalls, or go to breakers yards in person and ask.

    But dont restrict yourself just to corsa B seats . I believe corsa C front seats , and even leather ones from a calibra will fit the B, although I dont know if its a straightforward replacement on the same runners. And you will need to double check. There may be others that will, or can be made to, fit.

    If you are lucky you might find a friendly breaker willing to let you test fit possibilities before purchase, rather than lose the sale into the crusher.


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      Thanks Bugman

      I have a set of corsa C front seats and we couldn't get them to fit so trying to sell them on, I have them listed on partfinders but they keep trying to sell me Corsa C seats

      The problem with the B is the hooks at the front, if they weren't there it would be a lot more straight forward.

      I have a couple of breakers locally to visit so hopefully I will get lucky


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        I have never had a B so I dont know what you mean by hooks at the front. I assume they are not something that can be cut off, without compromising safety , or whether unbolting the B runners from the floor and replacing them with runners from a C would be straightforward or solve the problem.

        I have never done it on a corsa but from comments in other forums it is possible.

        In the long distant past I have fitted cars with front seats from completely different makes of car. It sometimes needs some fabrication ,for instance runners fixed to brackets and the bracket drilled to match the cars bolt holes, and maybe longer bolts and shimming washers to raise height etc. It has to be done to a good standard to pass the mot. And universal sports seats normally require fitting using universal fixing kits etc.

        Best of luck. There must be B's going into the crusher every day, but maybe not so many with saleable seats. Might be worth doing an extended search on ebay. Some people list cars as a free auction listing with the bidding starting at 99p (for which you only get a wheel nut for instance) but state in the listing that all parts are available. Its a good way of possibly making a few quid on a car before you scrap what you cant sell.
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          Cut the runners off the B seats and weld them in place of the ones from the C?
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            Loads on ebay


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              Hi Vegas

              I look on ebay everyday and I have yet found seats that have the same fittings, but I live in hope


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                Thanks Michael

                That may have to be my last option, otherwise it won't get through its MOT in October


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                  The last Corsa B I bought the previous owner had tig welded the front seats in. I kicked them out.

                  Not as much on Ebay as there used to be as Corsa Bs are getting Rare, breakers is probably the best option


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                    Thanks Samo

                    Bugman made a suggestion regarding contacting people breaking Corsa B's and asking if they can sell the seats, I am in contact with a Breaker at the moment and once they have send some pictures across and they are the right seats, hopefully I will have them fitted by the weekend.

                    I am trying to keep it as original as possible with all original parts which is a bit of a challenge


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                      Just a quick update, I have finally got hold of a matching front seat in really good condition and managed to fit it this weekend. It went really well with only a slightly bent bracket to contend with. This was easily fixed with a little brute force and ignorance (a large hammer) .

                      Thank you to all those who gave me advise, I really appreciate all your help