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Rubber / plastic protection in car

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  • [All Models] Rubber / plastic protection in car

    Hey guys does anyone know of.a.product that is good to.protect.your rubber hoses, engine bay on your car and not cause any damage.

    e.g drop links, radiator hoses etc. I just want to make sure these last as long as possible and keep them nice and supple.

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    Can't really protect them mate just make sure you keep jet washing arch wells and engine bay with good degreaser so it doesn't let the dirt and muck get into the rubber boots of rack arms drop links and cv boots etc and can also stop it corroding the parts so they're worn but moving parts such as rack ends, ball joints, drop links and drive shaft cups are all sealed by the boot and generally can fail at any time there isn't really a way to protect them and make them last longer than they will but hoses and plastics can have a good interior plastic cleaner to keep them clean and they would generally last longer but once again it is rubber and like tyres they do perish easily

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      Oil and grease contamination are the biggest enemy of rubber, unless its special rubber for oil lines,greased gaiters etc. Its best to fix an oil the leak asap rather than try and protect the rubber. If ordinary rubber(such as coolant pipes)has been oil contaminated for any length of time its best to replace it.

      Cockpit shine type cleaners are probably the best thing but always check the label for compatibility. Tyre cleaning foam might be ok for some things ,but its more aggressive and less suitable for trim. Again check the label.
      But as sam says the actual protection they offer may be limited .Its more a cosmetic thing, the main benefit being from closely inspecting the rubber every time you clean. even shiney rubber can be perished.