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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Rear Bumper Bump

    My other half hit her corsa c into a wall and it's done this damage...

    I'm looking on advice on how to treat it? what would you do to treat it?

    Touch it up?
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    The crease may be improved by heating the bumper with hot water and pressing it out. You won't get rid of it entirely though so it depends how fussed she is about it. Replacement bumpers are available from scrappies, if you're lucky you can find the right colour, otherwise I rub them down, prime with a plastic primer and then add the topcoat and lacquer.

    The small scratches, you can tough them up but it will look pretty naff. Fill the dints with a plastic filler, rub down and then spray. The key to a good job is thorough preparation.

    What would you do to treat it? - Personally I'd just leave it because most of my cars have a few battle scars and since it doesn't affect how they run I just add them to the list. There's nothing better than having a car which you can leave anywhere and not worry about it. I hate having pristine cars. Living in a city centre driving a car with battle scars means people don't hassle you for lane space - they clock the state of the car and back off.
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      Unless you do everything perfectly, correct profile, nicely shaped and blended filler, and closely match the paintwork, body repairs can look annoyingly obvious. A time consuming and quite skilled job. Sometimes its better just to leave it as it is -good honest knocks and scrapes ,appropriate for the age of the car. Especially when, as here, the plastic is not going to rust.

      As Taurus says you may be able to reshape the plastic bumper by using hot water,water soaked cloths etc. It may be best to remove it, or partially unscrew it. It may fit better ,with better shut lines, when you refit it. You may run into a problem if you try to repair the splitting ,cracked area using body filler. This may be too flexible for the filler which will crack and split again in time.

      One suggestion to consider is to push it and fill it as suggested, the best you can. But dont try for perfection. Then spray over the damaged area with stone guard/sill guard . This is available in aerosol . It dries to a fairly thick slightly knobbly/orange peel finish, which never dries completely hard. It remains as a flexible protection from stone chips.Its usually sprayed over with body colour, but it is available in gray that may not be a bad match for your body colour. Its usually used under sills, but at one time some car manufacturers used it to protect other areas such as the boot sills etc, as here. I dont mean do the whole bumper. Just mask of a suitable shape around the damaged area that looks like its intentional custom protection . Match it on the other side. It can hide slight imperfections in your finishing, and remains flexible. If you are not sure what it would look like have a look under the sills of a few cars. You will find some have an area that is masked off and has a slightly knobbly appearence. Just a suggestion. You still have the option of rubbing it down again, or getting a replacement bumper!


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        Thanks for both of your suggestions. I think we intend to leave it as is as it's her first car and she may well pick up a few more knocks along the way and I'll probably end up making it look even worse.

        She was gutted when she first did it but I said it could have been a whole it worse so don't worry, these things happen. Just be careful in future and thankfully it wasn't another car.

        Thanks for all of the advice given, greatly appreciated.