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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Wing Mirror Question

    Hi, Managed to break the black plastic surround on my drivers side wing mirror. Glass is fine, painted cover is fine. Looking around on the internet, I think I need the whole assembly to fix this, as the black plastic mirror surround appears to be part of the main assembly ? Is this the case ? I have seen videos on how to fit the assembly to the car, but how do you remove the painted cover from the old wing mirror, and fit it to the new one ? Advice appreciated.Mirror is heated and electric.Incident was a parking problem between two very narrow concrete pillars ..... very annoyingThanks

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    I cant help specifically. It may not be necessary to replace the whole part but as far as a seller is concerned if he sells just part of it he cant sell the rest.So would probably charge the same anyway. And the less you have to dismantle the more likely it is to fit and less chance of breaking it.
    Be wary of unclipping plastic parts in cold weather. they are more likely to break. This time of year its may be best to remove the mirror and dismantle it indoors after it has warmed up a bit. (But then I am currently sitting by a log fire with snow outside)

    Its possible that the plastic bits you need are interchangeable between manual mirrors and electric.I dont know. A manual mirror may be more plentiful and cheaper. But you would need to know before buying. Unless someone on here knows the answer you may need to go to a breakers in person.Or try and find the gm part numbers on line and compare them.

    As its snowing,a little anecdote. One winter ! was queuing at the local tip in my cavalier. New at the time. A bloke forgot to shut his back door. It swung open and wacked my mirror. Had it been summer it would probably have hinged back, but the hinge snapped,a bit that doesnt normally go.I needed a whole new ,electric, mirror.Even though i helped him out by fitting it myself, the parts bill came as a shock.
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