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Ideas for my lil corsa

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Ideas for my lil corsa

    Been looking online for inspiration, I think the second picture is what I'm Aiming for, except the awful mudflaps and I'll get lowering it abit, stainless exhaust and maybe new wheels or just get them redone in anthracite, flush fitting dewiper back window, I don't want it to look leave the top, what do you lot think?

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    You may not want to hear this from someone who's probably of a different generation. I seem to remember from a different post, which I cant now find, that its only done 24k miles. It appears to be in very good original condition. Its a shame to mess with it. I'd leave it as it is. Its value lies in its originality. Modifying it would make it less appealing to dealers and 'sensible' older buyers, and may actually reduce its value.

    I'd sell it as it is and buy something in need of a bit of tidying up. Your modifications would then be part of its renovation and an improvement that will increase its value.


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      Tbh quite a few people are saying leave it standard

      To make it immaculate it needs. One wheel refurbishing. And 2 mirror caps which I haven't had time to fit yet. Originals are scuffed slightly