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New Corsa B - some lock related questions

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] New Corsa B - some lock related questions

    (sorry if you may have seen this in another Corsa forum, but I posted there before noticing the vast majority of recent threads were spam)

    Well yesterday I bought a 2000 Corsa B CDX, only 27K on the clock, so mechanical sound by the looks of it. A few minor things that hopefully I can resolve

    It didn't come with the owners manual, and I can't find a download, so please can someone explain the locks & alarm. Is the a combination of turns to ensure alarm is enable/disabled? A anti clockwise turn locks the car and key can be removed in the 9/3 O'clock position. Turning it back to 12/6 doesn't unlock, that needs a further turn - is this normal?

    Also, the boot lock is broke. I turn it, nothing happens, turn a bit harder and I hear the noise I associate with the manual turning of a motor and it will unlock. It doesn't lock/unlock with the doors Is this simply a electrical issue.

    Many thanks for any replies - I'm quite exited owning an older car that is MINE (as opposed to a family car) again. My first car was a lovely Chevette which I still miss.



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    It sounds all normal - from my memory of the B version in CDX form. There is a deadlock system which is why you need to turn the key the extra amount. The boot lock can be set two ways - can't remember which is which to be honest but if you experiment you'll find it. I think it used to be that if you left the slot vertical the boot would lock and unlock with the doors. But if you left it horizontal it wouldn't. The idea was to give owner the chance to leave the boor locked whilst driving to prevent people opening the tailgate and nicking things whilst the car is stationary.

    Not sure how the alarm is activated or deactivated. I never had one posh enough for an alarm.
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      Many thanks - I found a C manual online and that indicated the options for the boot lock - I'll give it a shot when I get home.

      Apparently it has an alarm, or at least the last owner said so, as there was an occasional issue with it.

      Anyway, thanks again, I'm still strangely happy that I have a new old car


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        Yep - that's confirmed, many thanks, horizontal is for control of boot by central locking.