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Retrofitting a sunroof onto a b

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  • Retrofitting a sunroof onto a b

    I was wondering has anybody retrofitted a sunroof onto a b that has not had one can anyone tell me how hard it would be to fit a genuine GM one or is it too much hassle. Thanks

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    I can't imagine it'll be worth the aggro on a B - cutting holes in the roof aren't for the faint-hearted, since you don't generally get many attempts at it

    If a sunroof is important to you and you have a standard car, I'd suggest simply selling up and buying a model that does have it. That said - every sunroof I've ever had up until my current car (it's only 4-5 months old) have leaked, I'm really not a fan of them and only have one as it came as part of an options pack that I wanted.


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      I have never met a sunroof I like. They leak, noisy when open,increase fuel consumption, do surprisingly little to improve airflow and when the sun comes out it bakes the top of your head. Really not worth the hassle to retro fit one.