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Are there alternative mirrors?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Are there alternative mirrors?


    Couple weeks ago I got myself a Corsa B and I enjoy it a lot but the mirrors drive me nuts. I think they are magnifying, maybe except the one on the left. I'm driving in a huge city which requires a bit of precision as it involves changing lanes at all times.... and I always think that the car behind me is very close, which is never true when I look back. I drive a Ford Transit at work and find it much easier to do everything even without rear-view.

    So do you think it's possible to swap glass in the mirrors or maybe transplant entire the thing from a different car? These are the electronically set ones.


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    Sounds like glass already been swapped


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      Magnifying mirrors have slightly curved glass and sometimes have Meatloaf song lyrics printed on them "objects in your rear view mirror may appear closer than they are". Not sure what B's have (or originally had) but my D has a curve at the outer edge to reduce blind spot. If the curve is not too severe you might be able to fit a flat 'stick on' replacement glass. These stick on top of the original glass, usually because it broken.


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        The were not curved on the basic models - don't know about the electric ones.

        On the manual ones you could swap out the whole mirror internals as they were clipped to the mirror cover.

        This was handy if you has a body/colour coded mirror. You could buy a standard black one and swap the internals.

        I think the mirror glass was glued on the manual versions, so you couldn't swap the glass only. Though, you can get glass to stick on over a broken glass

        Why not see if you can take it apart? Maybe you can swap the glass only?

        edit: I see here, you can buy glass with the backing plate - not sure if this fits manual AND electric models

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