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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Sticky buttons

    I purchased a 2012 Corsa SXI 2 weeks ago and not even a week into owning it managed to knock the lid off a cup of Fanta trying to fit it in the cup holder. It managed to make its way into the air con and recirculation buttons and they're now stiff to press and get stuck half way. How can I fix this? Any cleaning products anyone recommends please

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    Welcome to the forum. Your switches are sticking with sugar syrup. I dont know of a car care product that specifically dissolves sugar and lubricates, although I believe they are available in the catering trade. At present its probably just a mechanical problem, plastic sticking on plastic. You want to try and avoid anything reaching electrical contacts in the switches. You could try small amounts of hot water ,or steam ,and something thin enough to fit in the gaps of the switch such as stiffish computer cleaning wipes to clean out as much residue as you can. Follow this with a squirt of dashboard cleaning type spray that usually contain gentle solvents and polish that helps lubricate.


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      Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I've Managed to ease it up a little using an electronic contact cleaner. I've been spraying that between the buttons and just keep pressing them to try and break up the sugar syrup. Taken a few days and a few attempts but have noticed a massive difference and they're almost back to normal again thankfully!


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        its fiddly but you could remove the Cd player and the air con controls then pry off the facia to clean properly. Use a citrus based degreaser to clean it, with either a soft toothbrush and cloth.